Its a virtual competition this year

June 13, 2021
In 2021 the Britain in Bloom competition will be a virtual one. Locally Tewkesbury enters the Heart of England in Bloom regional competition and we are busily preparing a portfolio of our work to email to the judges. 

This is to ensure we comply with current COVID advice. 


COVID Grant bring colourful Spring displays

June 13, 2021
Tewkesbury Borough Council awarded us a COVID grant and we purchased spring plants and bulbs to bring some cheer into the town centre during challenging times.  Families with young children, and individual of all ages joined us in November to do a mammoth planting session 


New Planters for the Town Centre

September 17, 2020
We have made a big investment in new planters for the town centre in 2020. 

Some of our wooden barrels had seen better days.  These planters are self watering and have a reservoir system so that watering frequency can be reduced.  Over a number of years we have built up a small reserve from our sponsorship scheme which has enabled us to invest in providing the town with 12 planters to improve the quality of our displays. 

The slightly raised height (compared the older wooden barrels) means more volunteers (especially those with back or mobility issues) will be able help plant up. 


News about Margaret White

June 30, 2020

Its with great sadness that we announce the passing of Margaret White formerly of Home Abbey House, Tewkesbury.  When she closed her business in Tewkesbury she decided to help the town in her retirement and we are very grateful to Margaret for her fundraising efforts over many years supporting both Tewkesbury in Bloom and Tewkesbury Christmas lights project.


The Cross is blooming

April 25, 2020
The Cross is blooming

The summer flowers around the base of  The Cross have been provided by the volunteers from Tewkesbury in Bloom over many years as a tribute to our servicemen and women, past and present, on behalf of the town's residents and businesses.      The flowers are sourced locally from Brian William's nursery, and include either petunias, pelargoniums or begonias. Brian also cares for the flowers, regularly watering, feeding and deadheading to ensure the town puts on a good display.

This year the team from Tewkesbury's newest town centre inn, The Cross House Tavern, have generously made a donation to guarantee the flowers for 2020.  

"We wish to thank Laurence, Catherine Ali and Tracey from Cross House for their support and generosity in helping to fund this project.  This year especially as many ceremonies have had to be cancelled such as the VE day commemorations and Armed Forces Day celebrations its important more than ever that the town organises this important tribute", comments Shelby Powell

Gardening is good for our mental health

April 3, 2020
Gardening is good for our mental health
In these challenging times, lots of us will be out in our gardens.  There is evidence to suggest that being outdoors and in our gardens is good for our mental health.  Here is an article we have found from Paul Steed, a Horticultural Therapist: 

During this time of isolation, it could be easy to become lethargic and quite depressed whilst remaining at home. However, if you have a garden then take the opportunity to spend some time each day pottering around outside, providing of course that you are in a safe situation and at a distance from others!

The whole principle of therapeutic gardening is being outdoors and connecting with nature. The combination of fresh air, listening to the birds and physically working with plants makes gardening so good for our health and well-being, as we are intrinsically connected to nature. Being outside and part of nature plays an important part in keeping us healthy. Too much time spent in artificial surroundings has been proven to affect our mental well-being. It doesn’t matter if you only have a tiny garden. Getting out and relaxing whilst pottering about will work wonders for releasing stress and giving you a positive, optimistic feeling.

Even just potting up plants, sowing seed or taking cuttings will give you great stress relief and also get your body, limbs hands and fingers moving. It is great cognitive therapy and watching crops grow will be good for maintaining optimism and morale. If you’re lucky to have a garden with a lawn then mowing is great physical exercise to give the whole body a work out, the same with hoeing, weeding and sweeping.

Think of the time that you spend in the garden as a trip out of the house and an opportunity for a physical workout, as if going to a gym but with nicer floral surroundings! It will help to give you something positive to focus on and if you’re able to grow some vegetables, then all the better!! Luckily we are heading towards the summer and the growing season which will give us the opportunity to get out and get gardening.

Stay safe during these difficult days and keep on gardening.

Britain in Bloom competition cancelled for 2020

April 3, 2020
Tewkesbury's gardening volunteers have faced a tough few months this year with severe flooding affecting Victoria Pleasure Gardens no less than two times with just a couple of weeks respite between each episode covering the paths with silt and mud. Therefore a decision has been made not to enter the competition this year. 

We have now heard just 2 weeks ago that due to corona-virus both the Regionals and National finals have had to be cancelled. 

A spokesperson from Britain in Bloom said "This is a worldwide and unprecedented challenging time for so many people and of course the health and safety of communities, volunteers and judges remains our number one priority".  

"With the Government advising everyone to follow social distancing measures, it is sadly not currently possible for finalists to carry out their usual community gardening activities". 

"Communities put huge year-round effort into Britain in Bloom to the benefit of both people and the environment and we know our 70 finalists will be very disappointed.  The decision has not been taken lightly and we hope that many groups will want to participate again in 2021.

"We thank those involved for all the hard work they've put in so far to make the UK a cleaner, greener and more beautiful place, and their amazing community spirit that will be very important to people in the difficult times ahead". 


Pit your wits in our Quiz Night

April 14, 2019
We'd like to invite you to our Quiz Night to help us raise funds for this year's project.   

  • Meet us at Theoc House in Barton Street (Library Room on the first floor) at 7 pm on Tuesday 30 April
  • We are accepting teams of up to 6 people at £2 pp
  • If you do not have a team, don't worry we'll hook you up with a team. 

If you are interested to hear what we have been doing over the last 12 months, you are most welcome to turn up at 6.30 pm for our AGM.  

Otherwise we look forward to seeing you at 7 pm for a fun evening with your In Bloom friends. 


Tewkesbury scoops Gold award

September 21, 2018
Tewkesbury's Town Mayor, Christine Danter travelled with committee members, Karen and Brian to Burton this week to find out if volunteers have worked hard enough this year to earn an award in the Heart of England in Bloom competition.   
We are pleased to announce that our efforts have paid off, and we have retained our Gold medal for another successive year.

The National Final results will be announced on 19th October - watch this space! 


Victoria Gardens open day success

July 28, 2018
Friends of Victoria Gardens held another successful Open Day this year. The park was packed with young and old enjoying the sunshine.  Ice creams and cream teas were on offer and entertainment was provided by a local choir and the Gloucester Charter Band,