A National Invitation

Posted by on Sunday, October 29, 2017
As you will all know, in the summer we secured the "best in category" award for towns of our size throughout the whole of the Midlands in the Regional competition. One of the larger towns Oswestry was chosen to go through to the National In Bloom competition. Tewkesbury represented the Region in 2015 and had found this quite challenging: given our rather limited resources. However, the decision belatedly has just be made to invite us, one of the smaller towns to represent the Region. To be invited to do this twice in three years is a remarkable honour. 

The 2015 team 

John Badham Chair comments "Now that Cheltenham has withdrawn from the competition, we will be the only Gloucestershire representative. Bear in mind 2015 was the first occasion that the Town had competed in the Britain in Bloom competition. This now gives us a real chance of being judged the very best smaller blooming town in the whole UK. Imagine what such a prospect could mean for the town's profile - all immensely helpful to both the morale and economy of our little town. We have accepted this invitation with some trepidation. We learnt in 2015 that we needed more help and coordination to really achieve an exceptional result. This means that success will require all of us, including the various Councils, to work together- more businesses will need to put up hanging baskets, the whole town will need to be properly weeded and street furniture will need sprucing up. In short we will need to demonstrate to the national judges a real pride in our town. This cannot just be the task of a dozen largely older volunteers! Our new chairman Karen Brennan and the committee have taken up this challenge. We appeal to whole community to make sure that we achieve something that will make a real difference to this town's future. If you feel you can help please let us know",