Gardening at Hanover is a real social treat

Posted by on Sunday, November 15, 2015

Residents at Hanover Court just love getting together in their community garden.  Contractors do the main jobs such as hedge pruning and grass cutting while residents plant annual bedding plants, care for a small herb garden, deadhead and look after the visiting wildlife. 

Its a real social affair, during fair weather the residents enjoy tea on the lawn and the occasional BBQ.

Neighbours Trevor, Mags, Sheila, Val, Carrie and Eileen plant and maintain the annual bedding plants including pelargoniums, dahlias, and sunflowers as well as looking after the shrubs.  Bird baths and a handmade bird house encourage the local wildlife into the garden.

The wooden garden furniture was looking tired so a trio of residents Maurice and Pat Wilby and Wendy Ellis got together to paint it. 

We think the bench (pictured) is the same shade as the recently re-painted Ham footbridge, and wonder if the residents were influenced by it in their choice of colour?  Wendy says it was a complete co-incidence, it just so happens on the same day as the bridge was being painted by volunteers she had picked up a paint pot in nearly the exact colour!