National Judging day builds bridges with the community

Posted by on Tuesday, August 4, 2015
Volunteers can now breath a sign of relief, the national judging day on Monday went without a hitch and its just a matter now of waiting until October to see if we have done enough to impress!

National judges Brendan and Ian arrived the evening before at the railway station to be greeted by John who gave them a quick tour of the community gardening project at the station before dropping them off at The Bell Hotel.  


Judging started promptly at 9.15 am and along the route we had a few surprises up our sleeve!  We had a town centre busker, the Town Crier greeted the national judges at the Town Hall with his loudest  'oyez', the bell ringers at The Abbey were on standby and at Victoria Gardens the Heart & Soul choir performed a medley of musical numbers.

Also a big thank you to Carolyn Johnson who kindly moored her beautiful boat at Back of Avon to compliment our freshly painted footbridge.  This did not go unnoticed by the judges who complimented volunteers for taking on such a big project with members of the community.