The TV cameras roll into town

Posted by on Thursday, May 4, 2017

We are pleased to announce that we have been chosen out of the hundreds of In Bloom groups across the country to feature in a BBC2 documentary series to be presented by Chris Bavin (Eat Well for Less).

We spent a very pleasant afternoon with Helen White (left) and Rosie Saunders (right) from the Electric Ray TV company showing them around the town and introducing them to our band of hardworking volunteers.  The following week we received the green light and now we are springing into action ready for the first day of filming on Monday 8 May.

The programme will feature the efforts of the volunteers who work at Victoria Gardens park. After the major flood in 2007 and on hearing the news of the Council's ever shrinking budget would mean the flower beds would be grassed over, a handful of volunteers decided to form Friends of Victoria Gardens and volunteer their services to bring back the park to its former glory.   We recommend you take a stroll through the beautifully tranquil park and don't forget to stop and say hello to those digging and weeding.  You may meet Rosemary, Dawn, Kitty, Colin, Marilyn or Martin.  The busiest time of the year for the volunteers is when the floods hit the park, which may mean the area is under water for a few days or even a few weeks at a time.  What is left behind after the flood water dries away is basically mud and the top soil essential for successful flowerbeds is washed away. 

We will keep you updated as filming progresses so please do visit our news paper for our regular updates.