Town centre barrel suffers minor damage

Posted by on Wednesday, April 29, 2015

We regret to announce that a number of our town centre barrels have recently experienced a spate of vandalism. On Wednesday 29 April, one of our largest barrels located outside Savers chemist in the high street (next to the crossing) was set alight.

We are extremely grateful to Town Hall staff, Tony Beirne and Dave Bowers for their quick action in extinguishing the flames which prevented any serious damage or injury to members of the public. 

The tubs are still structurally sound and do not pose any health or safety risks to the public, but the damage has made them look rather unsightly.  One of the key areas for inspection by RHS judges is the quality and level of maintenance of street furniture and its possible we may get marked down.

Unfortunately we do not have any surplus funds to replace the damaged barrels this year, and annoyingly this particular tub and neighbouring ones were only just re-painted in time for summer bedding displays a few days before the incident by husband and wife volunteers, Pete and Chris Aldridge.